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We are experienced Vancouver divorce lawyers passionate about helping our client’s successfully navigate the family law divorce process.  We understand the legal system and we know that going through it can be anxiety provoking and challenging.  Having a Vancouver divorce lawyer who will stand up and fight for your rights is not only vital to the success of your case, it is critical in allowing you to move forward with your life.  We are passionate Vancouver divorce lawyers with the legal expertise to guide our client’s through the court system.

At Nasser Allan, Knowledge is Power

As Vancouver divorce lawyers, we believe in empowering our client’s by providing them with a comprehensive awareness of their rights and obligations.   We work together with our client’s to successfully build their case at all stages, from pre-separation to mediations to trial.

Family law client’s need to know the unique issues impacting their case and what the law says about those issues.  Unfortunately, may people going through the divorce process don’t know their own case because they don’t have a Vancouver divorce lawyer who is committed to taking the time to explain their case and their issues to them in plain English.  This can be very detrimental to a case, especially when children are involved.

We want our client’s to be able to take every opportunity to build their case, not damage it, and this requires an understanding of both the facts and the law.  Lack of knowledge can lead to damaging and unintended admissions or actions, and many of them are done purely out of ignorance.  We encourage our client’s to read case law, and train them to use key online resources such as Canlii.

Each family law case is unique and driven by the personal facts and details of the individual lives involved in the case.  We are Vancouver divorce lawyers who get to know these personal details and facts inside and out cause it’s not only a knowledge of the facts but an understanding of the lives involved that distinguishes a good Vancouver divorce lawyer from a bad one.  And we don’t want to be just good – we want to be great.

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