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Understand the Separation and Divorce Process

We encourage our clients to understand the separation and divorce process and this post we have complied a list of the top useful sites for clients wanting to understand the separation and divorce process, including all our clients dealing with issues of guardianship, parenting arrangements, child/spousal support, protection orders and more. At Nasser Allan, we are always encouraging our clients to understand the separation and divorce process so their best case is always at the forefront.  Contact us now on (604) 620 – 8682 to book your consultation now. 

Top Useful Sites – Understand the Separation and Divorce Process 

Clicklaw helps self litigants access justice in BC.  It contains useful legal information and education for those interested in researching their legal rights.

JusticeBC allows you to find out information regarding the criminal justice system, resources and available services.

Family Law in BC provides detailed summaries and knowledgeable resources on a range of family law issues.  The site includes self-help guidebooks, information fact summaries and current legal news, including links to relevant legal sources. 

CanLII’s is a website used by family law lawyers daily – it’s a go to when researching case law and legal documents from Canada’s federal, provincial and territorial governments, and it’s available free to both legal practitioners and the general public.  

Family Maintenance and Enforcement Program “FMEP” is a free service in British Columbia which helps children and families entitled to child and supposal support collect the payments from the payor for the benefit of the recipient.  FMEP can follow a court order however it will not help you obtain the court order – we regularly obtain orders that FMEP will enforce. 

MediateBC provides link to a roster of BC private BC mediators who can help you locate a mediator in your family law matter.   We always recommend that our clients have a lawyer present to represent their interests during the mediation process.

We care about our clients and encourage our clients to become informed during the separation and divorce process. Promoting knowledge through our post Family Law Explained For Separating or Divorcing Families is a priority for us and we work with our clients to ensure that they are knowledgable and putting their best case forward during the separation and divorce process.  We are here to help. Book your free consultations to see how we can help you through the separation and divorce process.