Can I Move With My Child Outside British Columbia?

You want to relocate after separation?! You are not alone, we are here to help!

6 Things to Consider before Filing for Divorce in BC

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Parenting Time

Vancouver Shared and Equal Parenting Time Lawyers

Shared and Equal Parenting Time Works. And it's Attainable. In…
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Need to reduce or terminate your spousal support payments?

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March Break Parenting Time

March School Break Parenting Time

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What questions should I ask a divorce lawyer?

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section 211 report - father's love and affection for child - section 211 report

Section 211 Report

Section 211 report provides the court with an assessment of your parenting arrangements and your child(ren) views.

How to Start your Divorce or Family Law Case in BC Supreme Court?

What Form to Use? To start your divorce or family law case…