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Am I in a Marriage-Like/Common law Relationship? Find out what our Vancouver Family Lawyer has to say

Our Vancouver-based family lawyer, Nassim Nasser, explains how the duration of your relationship can impact your family law case and what factors to look for to ascertain if you are in a marriage-like/common law relationship.
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How do I get a financial restraining order in my divorce? Explains our Vancouver-Based Family Lawyer

Our Vancouver-based family lawyer, Nassim Nasser, explains how you can protect and preserve your interests in family assets pending trial.
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Can I Change the Locks On My Ex?

Sick of isolating with your ex and want to change the locks? Just because you can change the locks doesn't mean you should. Read Laura's blog on how to go about changing the locks at separation.
Co-parenting with a Narcissist Ex

Co-Parenting with a Narcissist

Our experienced family law lawyers can help you strategize to deal with your narcissistic co-parent during divorce and separation so that gaslighting tactics can't be used against you.
Child support Covid-19

Child Support Payments & Covid-19

If your financial circumstances have changed due to the Covid-19 pandemic you may need to terminate or vary your child support payments.
Parenting Covid-19


Read this blog for guidance on how judges are likely to view applications to vary parenting time orders due to Covid-19 concerns.
Covid-19 urgent court

Urgent Court Applications & Covid-19 - How to Go to Court during a Pandemic

If considered appropriate by the courts urgent court applications can still be made despite Covid-19 pandemic using video and telephone technology.
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Covid-19 family violence is escalating - total isolation, financial strain, stress and fear fuel perpetrators of family violence. Contact us for help.
Parenting arrangments and Covid-19


Facilitating parenting time during Covid-19 may feel uncomfortable, however, the fact that there is a pandemic should not, in itself, prevent parenting time.
deny parenting time due to covid-19

Can You Deny Parenting Time due to Covid-19?

Can you can deny parenting time due to your spouses' failure to take Covid-19 precautions seriously? Short answer is no.
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How will Covid-19/Coronavirus affect my divorce case?

Learn how BC Courts are responding to the Covid-19/Coronavirus epedimic and what impact this will have on your hearings. We are fully remote. We can help.
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How Do I Prepare for My Divorce Trial in Supreme Court? Explains our Vancouver Divorce Lawyer

Supreme Court divorce trials and family trials are stressful ... it even feels worse, when you don't know what to do! Let us help. We have a checklist for you with all the important deadlines.