retroactive spousal support, financial restraining order

How do I get a financial restraining order in my divorce? Explains our Vancouver-Based Family Lawyer

Our Vancouver-based family lawyer, Nassim Nasser, explains how you can protect and preserve your interests in family assets pending trial.
Child support Covid-19

Child Support Payments & Covid-19

If your financial circumstances have changed due to the Covid-19 pandemic you may need to terminate or vary your child support payments.
Parenting Covid-19


Read this blog for guidance on how judges are likely to view applications to vary parenting time orders due to Covid-19 concerns.
Covid-19 urgent court

Urgent Court Applications & Covid-19 - How to Go to Court during a Pandemic

If considered appropriate by the courts urgent court applications can still be made despite Covid-19 pandemic using video and telephone technology.
family violence covid-19


Covid-19 family violence is escalating - total isolation, financial strain, stress and fear fuel perpetrators of family violence. Contact us for help.
Parenting arrangments and Covid-19


Facilitating parenting time during Covid-19 may feel uncomfortable, however, the fact that there is a pandemic should not, in itself, prevent parenting time.
deny parenting time due to covid-19

Can You Deny Parenting Time due to Covid-19?

Can you can deny parenting time due to your spouses' failure to take Covid-19 precautions seriously? Short answer is no.
covid-19, coronavirus

How will Covid-19/Coronavirus affect my divorce case?

Learn how BC Courts are responding to the Covid-19/Coronavirus epedimic and what impact this will have on your hearings. We are fully remote. We can help.