Child support Covid-19

Child Support Payments & Covid-19

If your financial circumstances have changed due to the Covid-19 pandemic you may need to terminate or vary your child support payments.
common law separation and financial disclosure

What is Financial Disclosure in Family Law - What Documents to Give Your Ex?

Financial disclosure in family law is critical to the success and resolution of all family law cases.  Without it, parties cannot fairly negotiate, litigate, or have productive discussions regarding their property or support issues.
child support and university expenses - Judicial Case Conference - JCC

Child Support and University Expenses for Adult Children - Explained by Our Vancouver Divorce Lawyer

If your case involves child support and university expenses, act quickly. Waiting and not applying to change child support may be prejudicial to your case.
Child Support

Do I have to Finance My Adult Child’s University Career? 

If you need to stop paying child support for your adult children or want to discuss your child support obligations, contact us.