Covid-19 urgent court

Urgent Court Applications & Covid-19 - How to Go to Court during a Pandemic

If considered appropriate by the courts urgent court applications can still be made despite Covid-19 pandemic using video and telephone technology.
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How will Covid-19/Coronavirus affect my divorce case?

Learn how BC Courts are responding to the Covid-19/Coronavirus epedimic and what impact this will have on your hearings. We are fully remote. We can help.
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How to Disqualify a Judge? Explained by our Divorce Lawyer

It is very difficult to disqualify an adjudicator. Subject to the reasons for seeking qualification, we generally tell our clients that it is waste of their time and money, and court's resources to apply to disqualify an adjudicator. However, having that said, there may be times where it is warranted to ask to disqualify a judge from a hearing.
Relocation or traveling with your children within Canada on plane

5 Steps to Build a Strong Case for Relocation

Often after separation, parents choose to relocate with the child(ren) within the province, outside the province, or even outside Canada. Reasons for relocating are unique to each case. Here are some tips for building a strong case for relocation.
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March School Break Parenting Time

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