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Can I Change the Locks On My Ex?

Sick of isolating with your ex and want to change the locks? Just because you can change the locks doesn’t mean you should. Read Laura’s blog on how to go about changing the locks at separation.

Can you Vary Your Separation Agreement and Obtain Retroactive Spousal Support?

Spousal support refers to payments made to a former spouse after separation. In some cases, a party may claim retroactive spousal support to recoup support that should have been paid by a payor spouse back to the date of separation.   Prior to obtaining retroactive spousal support, you will have to first satisfy the court that you were […]

Vancouver Divorce Lawyers – Nasser Allan LLP

We are experienced Vancouver divorce lawyers passionate about helping our client’s successfully navigate the family law divorce process.  We understand the legal system and we know that going through it can be anxiety provoking and challenging.  Having a Vancouver divorce lawyer who will stand up and fight for your rights is not only vital to the […]